Who we are?

Philosophy: Hands-on management team complimented by the best talent in the industry attracted by the best working culture, pay structure and career progression scope with no compromise on technology to support our services. Eventually, the philosopy is RELIABILITY

Vision: Build strong partnerships with our global partners and apply our extensive knowledge and experience to attract and retain clients from all sectors to become a market leader with unparalleled services. In the long run our asset is HONESTY.

Apart from International Transportation, the company also excels in Consolidation. It has an active dedicated within Custom Bonded Warehouse at Chittagong that is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment. So, we are ready for all types of freight with SINCERITY.

3PL Process

KWT mainly provides a 3PL Process where its responsibility starts from the factory itself. The suppliers will only need to provide invoice and packing lists to KWT, rest of the process is managed will be taken care of by it. It even does last Minute loading and makes sure that all cartons and pieces are under insurance coverage. It actively tries to reduce communication gap between Consignee, Factory, C&F, and the Trucking Companies. KWT makes sure that late documentations and late fee doesn’t exist. The above facilities mentioned are done both, for air as well as ocean shipments.

Benefits of The 3PL process:

- KWT’s responsibility starts right from the factory.

● Suppliers only need to provide Invoice & packing list.

● Last minute loading by KWT.

● All the cartons & Pieces under insurance coverage.

● Reduce communication gap between Consignee, Factory , C&F, trucking company.

● No late documentation fee.

● Same facilities for both sea and air shipments.

Our Services

Sea Freight

Dedicated Bonded CFS :  CFS Operation by own staff.

PO / Color / Style wise sorting and stuffing as per requirement.


Stuffing Plan & Tally is carried out,

5 Digital Photograph of each Stuffing.

Transshipment monitoring at SIN / PKL / PTP / CMB.

Transit & Capacity Management with Prime Carriers.  

Air Freight

warehouses within DAC Airport range (10 KM).

Air Way Bill Stock with all major Air Lines operating in BD

24/7 cargo acceptance and warehouse operation

Charter flight operation when required.

Local, regional and global contract with all Airlines

Space management – locally & globally through Network

Transit Time Management.

Pallet delivery at bonded warehouse in Europe.  

Sea & Air Freight

Cost effective solution of Airfreight Services in Peak

● Lead time management.

● Single Documentation i.e. Bill Of Lading – Multimodal Transport document.

● Routing
→ CGP – DXB by Sea and then Air to Europe / US / Canada
→ CGP – CMB by Sea and then Air to Europe / US / Canada

● Transit time
→ 17 to 18 days (CTG – DXB - Europe / US /Canada)
→ 10 to 11 days (CTG – CMB – Europe / US /Canada)

● Cost Saving: 25% at least during peak season 

Our Consumer & Retail Solutions Portfolio